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Everyone has a passion for innovation. Few have the stomach for it. We are entrepreneur, engineers, investors consumed by building the future of web3 and AI.

Funding the future, together

We combine the expertise of investors from across the Globe to collaboratively fund the technologies that are reshaping our industries, redefining our economies, and securing a future for us all.

Build Web3 Product

We provide comprehensive end-to-end support for startups aiming to create Web3 products. Our team, with its profound experience in blockchain, crypto, and AI, is adept at developing solutions that push the boundaries of these technologies.

Seed Funding

We provide seed funding to promising startups in the realms of blockchain, crypto, and AI. Recognizing the crucial role of early-stage funding, we are dedicated to offering the necessary resources and support these innovative startups need to flourish. Our commitment extends to empowering AI-driven ventures alongside our blockchain and crypto initiatives.


We offer mentorship and guidance across our portfolio, leveraging our team's extensive experience in blockchain, crypto, and AI. This expertise is crucial for guiding companies through challenges and seizing opportunities, ensuring their innovative ventures in these dynamic fields achieve their full potential

Technology Partner

We offer comprehensive technical expertise and support to assist our portfolio companies in developing and scaling their products. Our collaborative approach ensures the creation of solutions that are not only innovative but also scalable and secure, catering to the evolving needs of the blockchain, crypto, and AI sectors.


Web3 and AI Startup Investments

Providing seed funding and angel capital to innovative early-stage startups in the Web3 and AI sectors, emphasizing the development of groundbreaking technologies and solutions in these fields.


Mentorship and Expertise Sharing

Offering extensive mentorship and sharing deep industry expertise in blockchain, crypto, and AI technologies to guide startups through their growth stages, ensuring they capitalize on opportunities and navigate challenges effectively.


Equity-Based Product Development

Collaborating with startups to build their products in exchange for equity, focusing on projects that align with Bijoy Ventures' expertise in blockchain, crypto, and AI, and enabling startups to advance without initial financial burdens.

About Us

We specialize in providing seed funding and angel capital to pioneering early-stage Web3 and AI startups, in return for minority ownership equity. Our team, rich in management expertise, actively shares knowledge and mentorship with portfolio companies, nurturing dedicated entrepreneurs.

At Bijoy Ventures, our core mission is to equip developers with essential resources to forge the future of technology. Focused on amplifying the growth of the Web3 and AI ecosystems, we commit to financing and supporting the most promising teams in these domains.

Our goal is clear: to drive our portfolio companies and partners toward resounding success. If you're innovating in crypto, AI, or the Web3 space and aspire to be at the forefront of the web's next evolution, we're eager to connect. Let's shape the future together.

Selecting Bijoy Ventures

Understanding Why We're the Preferred Choice forEntrepreneurs.

Industry Expertise

Our focus is on identifying and nurturing projects that bring disruptive innovation to the forefront, especially in the blockchain, crypto, and AI sectors. We look for solutions that are simple, cost-effective, fast, unique, and perfectly aligned with market needs.

Our in-depth experience in these dynamic fields allows us to provide startups with valuable insights and strategic guidance. We are well-versed in the latest technology trends and regulatory landscapes, empowering us to make informed investment decisions and drive our portfolio companies toward remarkable success in these rapidly evolving industries.

Our Approach

Our Approach at Bijoy Ventures: We adopt a long-term, immersive investment strategy, guiding our portfolio companies through every phase of their entrepreneurial journey. This includes assistance in market access, go-to-market strategies, recruitment, technical expertise, and navigating regulatory landscapes. Our commitment extends beyond just funding; we believe in actively supporting startups, especially in the burgeoning fields of Web3, crypto, and AI. Our experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge in these areas, ensuring that our portfolio companies don't just receive financial backing but also gain valuable insights and guidance to thrive in this era of digital innovation

Flexible Funding for Early Stages

At Bijoy Ventures, we recognize that each startup has unique needs, especially in their early stages. We specialize in providing flexible funding options focused on pre-seed and seed stages. This approach allows us to tailor our investment to align with the specific requirements and growth potential of each startup. Our primary goal is to foster the growth and success of our portfolio companies, dedicating our resources and support to help them achieve their early milestones and build a strong foundation for future development.

Join the Web3 and AI Revolution

If you're a visionary entrepreneur or an innovative team developing cutting-edge Web3 and AI solutions, we're eager to collaborate with you. At Bijoy Ventures, we're committed to unlocking the vast potential of decentralized and intelligent technologies. By partnering together, we can shape a future where the internet evolves through blockchain and AI advancements. Reach out to us to discover how we can support and accelerate your journey in this transformative tech landscape.

Fueling Innovation: Our Investment Commitment

Investment Range

$10K - $100K for Pioneering Startups

Early-Stage Focus

Seeding the Groundbreakers in Web3 and AI

Partnership Benefits

  • Exclusive Access to Our Startup Ecosystem
  • Funding Opportunities for Web3 and AI Ventures
  • Hands-On Mentorship with Industry Experts
  • Equity-Based Collaborations to Scale Your Vision


Strategic Partnership

Equity-Based Product Development

At Bijoy Ventures, we are committed to turning visionary ideas into reality. Understanding the challenges faced by early-stage startups, we offer a unique service where we help build your product with no upfront payment, opting instead for an equity-based partnership. This innovative approach allows us to collaborate closely with entrepreneurs, aligning our expertise in blockchain and Web3 technologies with your groundbreaking ideas. By investing our skills and resources in exchange for equity, we enable startups to focus on their vision and growth, ensuring a partnership that thrives on mutual success and innovation. Share your idea with us, and let's create the future together


Startups Funded


Products Developed


Web3 Ideas Funded

Innovate and Grow with Bijoy Ventures

Our 4-Step Equity-Based Product Development Journey

1. Idea Submission

Entrepreneurs share their innovative Web3 or blockchain concepts with us. This is the first step where visionaries bring their groundbreaking ideas to our attention.

2. Evaluation & Collaboration

Our team at Bijoy Ventures evaluates the potential of the idea. If aligned with our expertise and vision, we initiate a collaborative partnership, setting the stage for mutual success.

3. Product Development

Leveraging our extensive expertise in blockchain and Web3 technologies, we assist in developing the product. This phase involves no upfront payment, as we work together towards a shared vision.

4. Equity Partnership

As the product takes shape, we formalize our partnership through an equity-based agreement. This ensures that while we invest our skills and resources, the startup can focus on its growth and vision, leading to a mutually beneficial outcome.


Innovations Supported

We invest in talent, Unconditionally

At Bijoy Ventures, we believe in the power of extraordinary minds. We are committed to partnering with the most talented and visionary individuals, regardless of their background. Our ethos is built around recognizing and nurturing brilliance, transcending conventional boundaries. Whether you're a founder with a groundbreaking idea or an innovator looking for a team that values your unique perspective, our door is always open. Join us, and let's shape the future of Web3 innovation together.

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